Dorsey Convicted of Trafficking, Sale, and Possession of Multiple Types of Drugs

Press Release

The Office of State Attorney Glenn Hess announces that on Wednesday December 11, 2019, Raphael Lashun Dorsey was found guilty as charged following a jury trial for the charges of Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Hydrocodone 14-28g, Trafficking in Oxycodone, Trafficking in Methamphetamine 28-200g, Sale of a Schedule IV Substance, and Possession of Marijuana in Excess of 20g.

During the trial, the State proved that on August 31, 2018, a confidential informant was utilized in performing a controlled buy from the defendant.  The CI purchased 4 Alprazolam pills for $40.  During the continued surveillance of Dorsey, members of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office watched as Dorsey exited the trailer where he was staying, carrying a black backpack, and entered a waiting vehicle.  When the vehicle was stopped, the black backpack was searched and the officer located a variety of contraband including marijuana, cocaine, and a trafficking amount of oxycodone.  A search warrant was performed on the trailer in which members of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office located a safe. Inside the safe was one of the $20 bills that was used in the controlled buy.  There were also numerous narcotics including a trafficking amount of hydrocodone and a trafficking amount of methamphetamine.  A fingerprint of the defendant’s was also located on the bag of hydrocodone that was in the safe.

The case was investigated by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Frank Sullivan and Nicole Reed.  Sentencing is scheduled for January 3, 2019, before the Honorable Judge Stephenson.  The State will be seeking to have the defendant classified and sentenced as a Habitual Felony Offender.

For additional information, contact Chief Assistant State Attorney Larry Basford.