Pretrial Intervention (PTI)

Misdemeanor pretrial intervention is a diversion program authorized by State Statute to permit defendants who have not been previously convicted of more than one prior non-violent misdemeanor to complete certain penalties in exchange for a legal dismissal of the charges.  Typically, defendants on misdemeanor pretrial intervention agree to a period of probation, community service hours and other sanctions related to the offense charged.  Often the penalties imposed in a pretrial intervention agreement exceed the sanctions the defendant would have received if his or her case was handled through normal channels.  If the defendant successfully completes all of the conditions of the pretrial intervention, then the State dismisses the original charges.  If the defendant does not complete the sanctions, then he or she is placed back on the court docket and prosecuted as if the pretrial intervention agreement never existed.  Thus, the defendant has the opportunity to avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction yet still face punishment and responsibility for their criminal misconduct.