Craven guilty of murder in Lynn Haven stabbing

Prosecutor Peter Overstreet (left and center) led the case against Savien Craven (far right)

A 17-year-old found guilty Wednesday of chasing down and stabbing to death another teen after a drug deal turned violent is set for sentencing March 21, State Attorney Larry Basford announced.

A jury took about 25 minutes to find Savien Thaniel Craven, of Panama City, guilty as charged of Second Degree Murder in the Dec. 5, 2021, stabbing death of Jacob Revis, 14, of Panama City. Circuit Court Judge Dustin Stephenson ordered a presentencing investigation.

Prosecutor Peter Overstreet called 16 witnesses during the two-day trial proving that Craven chased down and stabbed the victim to death after a small amount of marijuana was stolen from him during a drug deal at a Lynn Haven park.

In all, four juveniles were involved in the planned theft of the marijuana and the three survivors are awaiting trial for their roles. One of them also faces a murder charge under Florida’s Felony Murder Law because he helped plan and participated in the robbery that led to the victim’s death.

Prosecutor Peter Overstreet led the case against Savien Craven (far right)

“This case shows the abundant dangers involved in the use and purchase of any illegal narcotic,” Overstreet said after the verdict. “Five families’ lives are changed forever and one life was lost, which is why we continue to work with our law enforcement partners to remove illegal drugs from our streets, prosecute those who sell them, and keep them out of the hands of our children.”

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According to witnesses and the testimony Overstreet presented to the 6 jurors, the victim and three friends wanted some marijuana and decided to rob Craven. The defendant met with the victim and another juvenile in the restroom of a Lynn Haven park after they said they wanted to inspect the marijuana prior to buying it. Two female accomplices were waiting in a nearby vehicle.

Testimony showed a scuffle broke out during the robbery attempt and one juvenile, who survived, was stabbed multiple times by the defendant in the restroom. Revis ran away and made it about 110 yards with Craven chasing him before tripping and falling in a ditch.

Witnesses gave statements to police and testified to seeing the foot chase. One said he saw the defendant on top of the victim in the ditch, and then saw him get up with a knife, and believed the victim was stabbed in the ditch. Another saw the defendant on top of the victim making a stabbing motion before getting up with a knife. He died at the hospital.

Overstreet’s case was bolstered by video from nearby security cameras and Lynn Haven police body cameras

Basford thanked the Lynn Haven Police Department for its thorough investigation, and the witnesses who came forward to testify.

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