Fraudster guilty of stealing condo from elderly victim, 2 daughters

A man who used false documents to take ownership of a condo from an 85-year-old woman and her children was found guilty Tuesday and will remain jailed until his sentencing, State Attorney Larry Basford announced.

Olandis Dean Hobbs, also known as “Genesis Bey,” 37, was found guilty of Grand Theft Over $100,000, Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information (both First Degree Felonies), Unlawful Filing of False Documents or Records Against Real Property, Uttering a Forgery, and Forgery. Circuit Court Judge Dustin Stephenson set sentencing for July 23.

Prosecutor Josh James, who presented a case that jurors needed only 35 minutes to decide, said the Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information charge alone carries a minimum-mandatory 10-year sentence.

Olandis Dean Hobbs

“This defendant is a dangerous man,” James said, “and this conviction is more than a win for the victims. He committed similar acts in other places, like New York, and was sued but never arrested. That may be acceptable in other places, but when he did it in Bay County he was arrested and held accountable.”

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“His incarceration will protect all Bay County residents from falling victim to his cons and send a message to other like-minded fraudsters: If you come to Bay County and attempt to cheat our citizens out of their hard-earned property, you will be arrested, we will take you trial, and you will go to prison.”

James called 9 witnesses – including 2 women who along with their 85-year-old mother owned the $700,000 condo through an LLC – and presented evidence proving that the defendant filed fraudulent paperwork with the Clerk of Circuit Court transferring ownership of the condo to himself in late 2022.

James told jurors in his opening statement that they likely had heard stories from around the country of “squatters” moving into peoples’ vacant homes and taking over.

“This defendant is a squatter on steroids,” James told jurors. “He didn’t move into a vacant building; he created fraudulent documents and illegally claimed a condominium worth hundreds of thousands of dollars as his own.”

The defendant then changed the locks on the condo and notified the condo’s management of the change in ownership. The real owners, who live out of state, only became aware of it when they sent a maid to clean in preparation for some friends who were going to stay at the condo, and the maid could not get in.

On Jan. 13, 2023, Panama City Beach Police served a search warrant on the unit and arrested the defendant. He had barricaded himself inside.

Even though the defendant has been in custody since his arrest, he remained the listed owner of the property pending civil litigation and the outcome of the criminal case. James said the victims had to continue to pay the monthly HOA fees to keep the unit safe, as well as the property taxes.

They also were unable to obtain property insurance on the unit since it wasn’t in their name, leaving it at risk the entire 2023 Hurricane Season.

“Because of this con artist’s ongoing behavior, the victims were not just deprived of their right to enjoy their property for more than 18 months, they were put at risk,” James said. “Despite the emotional trauma of having their property stolen by a fraudster, they remained dedicated to seeing justice served and cooperated with us fully.

“I’m honored they put their faith in our office to hold this defendant accountable and get their property back,” he continued. “But most of all I’m happy for them that they can put this nightmare of an ordeal behind them.”

Basford praised the Panama City Beach Police Department for its work on the case, and the victims for their strength and testimony.

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