Wieland Sentenced to 25 Years Under 10/20/LIFE Law

The Office of State Attorney Larry Basford announces that on March 19, 2021, Aaron Blake Wieland was sentenced to 25 years in the Florida Department of Corrections with a 25-year day-for-day minimum mandatory under Florida’s 10/20/LIFE law for the Home Invasion Robbery and Attempted Murder and Kidnapping of Michael Rodriguez.  After the 25-year sentence, Wieland will have 5 years of post-prison probation.

On July 3, 2017, Wieland and his 3 co-defendants conspired to attack Rodriguez, who was staying at a friend’s house due to prior bad blood over drug transactions.  Wieland, armed with an AR-15 style assault rifle, entered the home with his co-defendants and shot Rodriguez.  His co-defendant beat Rodriguez with a hammer and then they attempted to put Rodriguez in the trunk of their car.  Rodriguez was able to escape and run around the side of the house where they shot at Rodriguez again and beat him with a hammer.  Wieland and his co-defendants then fled the area.  Panama City Police Officers arrived on scene and gained information from Rodriguez about his attackers and a bulletin was issued looking for Wieland and his co-defendants.  The next day, US Marshals located all 4 co-defendants and they were arrested.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Peter Overstreet.

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