Jack Convicted of Second Degree Murder and Robbery with a Deadly Weapon

Press Release

The Office of State Attorney Larry Basford announces that on March 30, 2021, a Bay County Jury found Emilio Jack guilty of second degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon.  On July 27, 2019, the victim, Mark Jankiewicz, was found covered in a blanket, under a picnic table at the boat ramp by the Hathaway bridge.  Dr. Jay Radtke, Medical Examiner for the 14th Circuit testified that Mark Jankiewicz was stabbed over six times by a blunt instrument consistent with the same screwdrivers used by Emilio Jack.  One of the puncture wounds fractured the victim’s spinal cord and another cut through his jugular.

Through follow up investigation, Emilio Jack and Kayla Kostick were developed as associates of Mr. Jankiewicz.  The defendant, Emilio Jack, was located the next day driving the victim’s truck.  Both Jack and Kostick were interviewed by the Bay County Sheriff’s office.

Kostick testified to being present with the defendant and the victim at the boat ramp.  Kostick’s testimony was that she and the victim were talking when the defendant became angry, began attacking the victim and choked him.  The defendant removed a screwdriver from his back pocket and stabbed the victim in the left side of the neck.  Jack then walked to the victim’s truck and retrieved a second screwdriver and stabbed the victim in his ear.  Kostick also stated that the defendant threw both screwdrivers in the nearby water.  These screwdrivers were later located by the Bay County Sheriff’s office dive team.  Kostick said the defendant then obtained a blanket from the back of the truck and covered the victim with it.  Kostick’s testimony was corroborated by several witnesses as well as video and other physical evidence.

Sentencing is set for May 11, 2021 before Circuit Judge Chris Patterson.  This case was prosecuted by Assistant State Attorneys Bob Sombathy and Frank Sullivan.  The case agent in this case was Sgt. Steve Rhinehart of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

For additional information, contact State Attorney Larry Basford.