Long-time Jackson County lawman joins SAO investigative team

Rory Jackson, a 24-year law enforcement veteran in Jackson County, is now an investigator for the 14th Judicial Circuit, State Attorney Larry Basford announced.

Jackson began his career with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in 1997. It was a stint in then-Circuit Court Judge Bill Wright’s courtroom as a bailiff early in his career that hooked him into the idea of working within the court system.

“Some people think of being a bailiff as not being exciting, but I really liked it, I found it fascinating how you really got to see a different side of law enforcement,” Jackson said. “It intrigued me.”

Jackson, 51, would leave the courtroom duties and serve as a corporal in patrol before moving into Criminal Investigation in 2003.  He also spent time on a multi-agency drug task force but the desire to work on the prosecutorial side of the law never left.


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He remembers that in the first murder case where he testified as a witness, Basford was the prosecutor, and he liked his style in court.

“Then it got to a point in time where I was just wanting to try a little something different and got this opportunity,” he said.

Jackson earned his degree in Criminology at Florida State University and has additional training in homicide investigations, active shooter/emergency response and narcotics.

For additional information contact Mike Cazalas at mike.cazalas@sa14.fl.gov.