U.S. Attorney: Combine resources with SAO to fight crime

U.S. Attorney Jason Coody makes a point as Assistant State Attorneys (left to right) Kara Bremer, Josh James, Jae Hee Kim, Peter Overstreet and Calie Overstreet listen in.
State Attorney Larry Basford, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District Jason Coody (hands folded in lap) and prosecutors from the SAO listen to a presentation Friday.

State Attorney Larry Basford and his staff met with U.S. Attorney Jason Coody Friday to discuss ways they can continue working together to make the most effective use of their resources to prosecute crimes involving firearms, drugs, violence, and human trafficking.

Assistant U.S. Attorney James A. McCain discussed with State prosecutors the strengths of both federal and state laws, and what kinds of cases best fit in each category.

Coody fielded questions from prosecutors and investigators while saying that above all else, communication is the key.

“We all want to compare, see which is the best way to go,” Coody said of federal versus state prosecution in any particular case. “If there are things we could be doing better, tell us, that’s why we’re here.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney James A. McCain reviews criminal penalties under federal law compared to state law with staff from the SAO.