Longtime lawman Dave Edmondson rejoins SAO

A veteran lawman and investigator who retired from the State Attorney’s Office 18 months ago has brought his skills back to the SAO, where he will work as an investigator.

State Attorney Larry Basford announced that Dave Edmondson, whose career included 13 years of service to the SAO, has returned as an investigator working out of the Gulf and Calhoun offices.

State Attorney Larry Basford, right, welcomes veteran lawman Dave Edmondson back to the SAO.

“We are excited about Dave Edmondson rejoining our team,” Basford said. “Our investigators are a key component of what we accomplish, and they work directly with prosecutors preparing cases. When we can add someone with the experience and skills that Dave carries, everybody benefits.”

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Edmondson began his law enforcement career in 1991 with the Sneads Police Department, moving from there to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office before joining the State Attorney’s Office about 15 years ago, working out of the Marianna office.

He retired in 2021 but after 30 years in law enforcement, he felt something pulling him back.

“I really think that I can help,” Edmondson said. “I sat on the sidelines for a while and I just decided I really wanted to do something to help and continue to serve the people in this circuit.”

Edmondson began his career as a patrolman, worked property and sex crimes as an investigator, was part of a multi-agency drug task force for more than 10 years and worked undercover as well. His “favorite,” he said, was when he served on a SWAT team.

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